Application Services

Application centric Cloud that meet your critical business and mission critical application needs.

Jasper has provided advisory and enterprise to cloud strategic services to many US Government Agencies and Healthcare companies. We provide highly customizable Managed Service approaches to meet any application needs.

Our Application Managed Service Framework is a well-defined, custom-developed set of processes, policies, procedures, standards and templates that enables organization to be cloud ready.

Key Differentiators:

  • Allows customers to focus on their core competencies that distinguish a company as best-in-class.
  • Allows customers to benefit from providers experienced with diverse groups of projects and engagements.
  • "Total Cost of Ownership" driven by a process that allows for continued improvements that leverage people, process, technology, and quality measurements.
  • Improved responsiveness to a customer's needs through the management of service level agreements
  • Lowers the risk of project execution through experienced resources and the use of a defined, consistent and repeatable process

Our services will enable your organization to become cloud-ready and positioned leverage cloud orchestration.