Enterprise Services

Jasper Solutions unique services offerings help customers with:

  • Technology innovation management
  • Merger and acquisition integration
  • Strategic benchmarking
  • General Security Services
  • Enterprise Wide Security Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Datacenter Management Services
  • Database and Content Management Services
  • Application Development Lifecycle Services
  • Application Outsourcing Platform Services
  • Network Management and Globalization Services
  • Customer profitability determination
  • Assessment and Implementation Services
  • Technology leveraging
  • Business modeling
  • Business process management
  • Business strategy/ and strategic alignment
  • Change management (people, processes, technology and organization)
  • IT and technical strategy
  • Performance measurement
  • Program management
  • Identity and Access management
  • Data Restoration and Scalability
  • Meta Messaging & Tagging
  • Wireless Technology & Security
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering
  • Out Sourcing Models for Application Lifecycle
  • Data Management
  • Out Sourcing Models for Medical, Legal, & Engineering
  • Out Sourcing Model for Mechanical Engineering
  • Out Sourcing Model for Chemical Engineering
  • Out Sourcing Model for Manufacturing Facilities
  • Global Media Management
  • OIL & GAS Management

Jasper Solutions is dedicated to helping enterprises meet all of their Data, Information, Performance, and Project Management needs.

We help enterprises keep their competitive edge and deliver satisfying products and services to their customers. We are experts in delivering high performance; scalable integrated solutions that help our customers attain their business objectives.

We help you align your IT environment to help you achieve operational excellence.

Jasper solution is a proven consulting ally working with businesses and government agencies succeed.

Data Management

Jasper solutions Inc help you manage and govern data throughout its lifecycle.

  • Align applications to adapt to appropriate tiers of services in your organization.
  • Propose and implement solutions to ensure elevated level of conformity and safety for the data.
  • Help in transferring or migration of data to cost effective infrastructure.
  • Assure effective management of sensitive data.

Top Concerns of Clients

  • Optimizing Infrastructure –Get your highest return on investments by optimizing your datacenter and infrastructure.
  • Transforming Infrastructure – Help you in making your data center agile by ensuring secure and virtual environment to help you in your vision.

Our Solution

  • We help in building, refitting and/or migrating your data center based on your requirement for your IT system.

At Jasper, we not only help in redefining your business today but also for tomorrow to ensure your objectives are attained in future.

Project Management

Jasper solutions are helping organizations execute, govern, and measure their projects and its process to improve business performance.

Jaspers Process


Organizational Improvement

  • Governence / PMO
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Optimization
  • Performance Management
  • Process Maturity


Project Execution

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Mentors
  • Project Controllers


Learning and Development

  • Customization
  • Competency Assessment

We change the way you think about project management. We have highly tenured, experienced Project Managers and a proven project management methodology and training program for your personnel. We conduct daily auditis of activities to keep timelines on schedule, and deliverables updated.

Jasper Solution

Information Management

Jasper Solutions provide technology and services to manage each stage of the information lifecycle.

Jaspers process is clearly defined to help customers achieve best value for their investment.

With technology expansion, many organizations struggle to manage their multiple sources of information. Properly managed information allows an organization to manage its business more effectively – whether its customer interface to any major business, financial, strategic or operational decisions.

At Jasper we help in providing the right tools and skills to help organization integrate and manage a multitude of different information, which is required for high efficiency and better performance.

We have a clearly defined process that helps our customers feel confidents and assured about the results.

Jasper provides capable staff with necessary skill sets, experience and knowledge of the industry.

Jasper Solution offers a full range of services to manage and utilize structured and unstructured data, and to present it to our customers in their desired output.

We have helped organizations in a wide range of verticals to improve performance and achieve success.

Business Performance Management

Jasper Solutions is known for its remarkable work quality and our efforts and attention to customers defined performance requirements. Once these are defined we map organizational data.

We work with key customer personnel to understand their requirements, review, and provide a clear strategy to align the project with the required processes.

This enables organizations to obtain the visibility required to make decisions regarding technology solution. Our focus areas include

  • Improving business performance with an integrated solution for monitoring, analytics and planning.
  • Ensuring right alignment and accountability across the entire organization.
  • Empowering and ensuring more decision-makers to impact the performance of the business.
  • Allowing transparency, security and auditability