Network Management

Software Define Networks (SDN) allows network authors to manage network services through abstraction of lower-level functionality. Software Defined Managed Network will reduce the complexity of your network by providing virtualization and single point of management.

Ability to integrate SDN with Cloud Orchestration is key to making your organization be Cloud ready.

At Jasper, we help define software defined networks that are based on the principle of a centralized control plane separated from the network forwarding or switching plane that it controls. The switching plane can be heterogeneous, composed of network elements from multiple vendors, and it can provide distinct services with different characteristics, configurations, and control at the packet and/or optical layers. Abstracting the control plane from the network elements allows network-platform- specific characteristics and differences that do not affect services to be hidden.

In addition, Jasperís software defined networking (SDN) approach is based on the principle that applications can request needed resources from the network via interfaces to the control plane. Through these interfaces, applications can dynamically request network resources or network information that may span disparate technologies. For instance, the application layer can dynamically request and obtain network resources at the packet flow, circuit, or even optical level based on application layer requirements.

Current SDN implementations focus on Ethernet switching primarily for data center resource optimization. This article reviews the benefits and challenges of extending SDN concepts to various transport network architectures that include optical wavelength and fiber switches, circuit switches, and sub-wavelength optical burst switches. Control plane implementations for optical networks are more complex since they must account for physical constraints including optical signal reachability, bandwidth availability and granularity, light path routing, and light path reconfiguration speed. The long term goal is to apply SDN concepts across multi-layer multivendor networks in order to support a unified control structure.

Your network is critical to your businessóbut it's not the core focus of your business. To compete effectively, you need a way to optimize the design and performance of your network without diverting resources from more strategic areas. Included with Jasperís Networking solutions, Network Management Service (NMS) provides outside network monitoring and network management expertise to keep your network running at its best, minimize network downtime, increase application performance, and meet new networking requirements. The Jasper network operations center staff continuously monitors your WAN circuits and devices for potential problems, then works closely with your IT staff to resolve them. Automated alerts, issue tracking, and coordination with your outside vendors provides transparent and efficient problem resolution. Putting network monitoring expertise and network management services to work for your organization while freeing valuable resources for other projects, Jasper NMS provides a single-source solution to maximize the value of your data networking and communications investments.

Network monitoring that provides a single management pane that can be share across your Private and Public cloud while leveraging SDN managed by Cloud Orchestration.