Data Protection Services

Data protection: safeguarding the keys to the kingdom.

The more vital your organizational data, the more critical it becomes to protect. Managing data growth and addressing data storage, de-duplication, security (classified & non-classified), and efficiency; enterprise data protection is of paramount importance. Here are some ways our customers are being challenged by data protection.

Increased data mobility means organizations need to protect data at rest and in-motion. Whether it's the concept of BYOD, device usage outside the enterprise, or the accessibility of information without compromising security – you need to keep corporate data/assets safe while allowing employees to do their work wherever they are located.

Data archived for governance or compliance purposes is generally inaccessible and therefore, unable to provide any tangible business value. Jasper provides archiving solutions to safely store all the data that is subject to business and regulatory requirements. As this data grows, how do you ensure these storage systems not only allow you to manage compliance and risk, but also let you control costs and add value to your data? Traditional archive solutions do a great job of storing information but access and retrieval is often painful. Active archival solutions give you the ability to place data that does not change or is infrequently accessed in the correct tier of storage without complex interfaces. Making archiving faster and more accessibility increases the value and usability of this enterprise asset.

Antiquated backup and recovery solutions can’t adequately scale to accommodate the volume, variety, and velocity of today’s data. Our customersrequire back-up systems to restore with out loss of fidelity. With data growth placing unprecedented demands on backup processes, how do you ensure these systems keep key business information available and the enterprise maintains an interrupted flow of data?

Stovepipe storage generates massively redundant data sets that overload backup systems and complicate restore operations.

Our customer’s require high-performance solutions that enable the survivability of IT system outages. What if an outage is inevitable? What can you do to ensure these systems will keep your business operational through any failure?

Key Differentiators

  • We provide the right solutions for future-proofing your organization.
  • We suggest mandating that no organization is locked into any single technology or manufacturer and have the ability to integrate your solution using components you already own.
  • Use private cloud to provide dynamic, user directed, allocation of IT resources.
  • Leverage object storage to increase the flexibility of where data is stored, while increasing the knowledge of the data being stored.
  • Leverage disk caching to improve the user experience when accessing deep archives.
  • Make use of energy efficient tape, disk and optical storage systems for long-term archiving with up to 75 years retention periods.