Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. (NIST)

Our approach to Cloud Computing provides Government Agencies and Commercial Companies a way leverage one or more Public/Private = Hybrid Cloud Providers. Cloud is capable of provisioninga multitudeof varioussolutions. However, what if you could leverage cloud based on your application needs. The application-Centric Cloud provides the enterprise the flexibilityto leveraging one, two or as many public cloud providers as your organization requires.Jasper is one of the only service providersthat has implemented industry’s first multi-provider (2 Private Data Centers = Private Cloud, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure) Cloud Solutions that is compliantwith HIPAA and SOX requirements and NIST Guidelines.

Jasper Team can architect, design, develop and implement Public, Private and Hybrid cloud solutions. Jasper Solutions also provides Cloud Broker Services by leveraging your existing Infrastructure and providing external Private Cloud.

Key Differentiator

  • Design to meet geographical location needs
  • Design to meet your Application and Database needs
  • Securing your data and separating you classified data and non-classified data
  • Controlling your network bandwidth allocations by region
  • Providing cost reduction year over year
  • Leveraging Software Define Network (SDN) and Virtualization (Storage, Platform,
  • Application, and Database) to reduce cost year over year
  • Return of Investment based on Capacity Model
  • Recovery Time Objective based on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan



Migrate, manage and govern applications across multiple clouds, classification levels,tenants and users.


Unique application-centric technology allows complete portability and scalability of applications and access to services across any private or public cloud.


We deploy a single management pane of view for businesses on the cloud enabled by a logical, intuitive workflow-driven software platform that enables rapid time to value, eliminating costly or overly complex services experiments.


Built for businesses on the cloud, highly scalable, onboard data and network security. Compliant with government standardization of DoD, DHS, NIST, SOX, HIPAA FISMA, EAL4 and other standards. Full multi-tenancy and simplified integration with existing tools and processes.

In past 6 years Jasper has designed, managed and implemented more than 30 Cloud Orchestration projects. Our solutions are design to meet our customer requirements and with emphasis on security.

Orchestration and Choreography for Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing introduces more-granular and specific meanings of these terms: "workflows" and "processes" are used in different domains. At one level there are inter-company business processes, and at another level there are processes to get the wide area network ("the cloud") operational. To keep matters simple, we will define "an orchestrator" as: the entity that manages complex cross domain (system, enterprise, firewall) processes, and that handles exceptions. Since an orchestrator is valuable in the fulfillment, assurance as well as billing processes, service-aware incarnations of an orchestrator should be capable of adjustments based on feedback from monitoring tools. At the most basic level, an orchestrator is a human.

The main difference, then, between a workflow "automation" and an "orchestration" (in the context of cloud computing), is that workflows are processed and completed as processes within a single domain for automation purposes, whereas orchestration includes a workflow and provides a directed action towards larger goals and objectives. In this context, and with the overall aim to achieve specific goals and objectives (described through Quality of Service parameters), e.g., meet application performance goals using minimized cost and maximize application performance within budget constraints, cloud management solutions also encompass frameworks for workflow mapping and management.

Cloud service orchestration key differentiator:

  • Composing of architecture, tools and processes used by humans to deliver a defined Service.
  • Stitching of software and hardware components together to deliver a defined Service.
  • Connecting and Automating of work flows when applicable to deliver a defined Service.
  • Orchestration is critical in the delivery of cloud services because:
  • Cloud services are intended to scale-up arbitrarily and dynamically, without requiring direct human intervention to do so.
  • Cloud service delivery includes fulfillment assurance and billing.
  • Cloud services delivery entails work flows in various technical and business domains.


Simple to Complex

Migrate and manage one or many applications across one or many clouds and users. Cloud Orchestration plays a key role in providing agile infrastructure regardless of the platform; private, public or hybrid. Orchestration allows you identify, define and mange services.

Rapid On-Boarding Applications

Using Jasper’s application profiles and groundbreaking technology makes it easy to describe application topology requirements and dependencies independent of and portableacross all types of cloud services.

Select The Best Cloud

Use Jasper’s CloudCenter platform to simultaneously benchmark application across any private or public cloud environment based on provider, region or instance or specific applications or applications. Make informed decisions about optimal application placement based on actual workload price and required performance.

One Click Deployment of Apps

Deploy simple to complex apps with a single click on the cloud of your choice. Automate cloud selection through placement policies (?). Jasper’s deployment app automates the provisioning of unique best practicecloud infrastructures to orchestrating application deployment natively on any cloud.

Governance Through Policies

Set and enforce detailed role and action-based policies that span multiple clouds, apps and users. Define chargeback and budgetary plans. Integrate with existing security access control solutions such as LDAP and Active Directory.

Since Pane View

Roll-up all activity across users, applications and cloud into a single dashboard. Generate and export reports to analytic tools and provide full IT-as-a-Service support for enterprise customers.

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    Cloud Orchestration

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    Private cloud delivers similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and self-service, but through a proprietary architecture.

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    Shared Infrastructure, Applications, Security, Databases, Big Data, Analytics, Network Monitoring, Hardware Resource Management, Software, and ComputePlatforms.

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