Cloud Management Services

Jasper Cloud management is the software and technologies designed for operating and monitoring applications, data and services residing in the cloud. Cloud management tools help ensures cloud computing-based resources are working optimally and properly interacting with users and other services.

Cloud management strategies typically involve numerous tasks including performance monitoring (response times, latency, up-time, etc.), security and compliance auditing and management, and initiating and overseeing disaster recovery and contingency plans.

With cloud computing growing more complex and a wide variety of private, hybrid, and public cloud-based systems and infrastructure already in use, a company’s collection of cloud management tools needs to be just as flexible and scalable as its cloud computing strategy.

Focus on What Matters

Easily offload critical IT functions for your most important applications. Save time and increase productivity by outsourcing the installation, configuration, and management of critical applications.

Trust The Experts

With deep expertise in infrastructure and application management at scale for some of the world’s largest enterprises, our managed services team leads the industry.

Deep Capabilities

Our services go much farther than just the basics. From simple to complex, our Managed Services Team performs more tasks for more applications on your behalf.

Increased Security

Managed servers are regularly patched and monitored, so your risk from viruses and other threats is dramatically lower.

Convenience Meets Cloud Automation & Flexibility

Just like they would any other cloud service, the creation of managed apps is highly automated so you get immediate access to managed applications.

Hourly Billing

Managed services are billed hourly for the life of the server, so only pay for what's used. We provide extremely competitive rates on our GSA Schedule 70.