For Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, systems interoperability is a key issue in joint force operations involving a mix of multiple Services and coalition partners. The proliferation of unique systems that are increasingly complex in sophistication of IT and communications interfaces makes information superiority through a common operational picture for U.S. and allied forces difficult. Jasper Solutions IT systems development and integration capabilities enable interoperability in joint and coalition IT environments, allowing our forces to have the information that they need in a rapid yet secure manner.

Jasper's C4ISR Service include:

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Service Operations
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Knowledge Management
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Multimedia
  • Logistics
  • Satellite and Long-Range Communications

Software Define Network (SDN)- Cyber Warfare Network Monitoring (CWNM): Distributed Software Network assets that provides an interactive, "system of system' engineering environment and can rapidly design, implement and analyze operational scenarios using a customized mix of virtual airborne and space-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors; command and control elements; and simulation of precision strike platforms. The end-goal is to create a global, integrated battle management network where information is rapidly collected, shared, exploited and distributed among DoD platform. Such software define network transforms data into knowledge that war fighters, commanders and government leaders can use to make rapid, effective decisions.

Traditional C4ISR

Stovepiped Systems

Individually engineered systems producing isolated pieces of intelligence. Given the explosion in sensor data, critical pieces of intelligence may be overlooked and security risks can result.

Decision Cycle

Each stovepiped system leads to its own segregated decision cycle, leading to siloed and time- consuming decisions.

Military Decision Maker/Operator

Decisions made across mission domains, informed by stovepiped systems, may result in priority intelligence lapses at the forward edge of the battlefield. Failure to meet priority intelligence requirements may leave the decision maker/operator with less than a complete view of the battlefield that could jeopardize mission success.

Integrated C4ISR Essential Features

  1. Government-owned, open architectures that integrate seamlessly into the overall enterprise environment.

  2. Agile, incremental delivery of modular systems with integrated capabilities.

  3. Collective forums that bring together operators, acquisition professionals, and engineers to support the development of highly tailored solutions to operational and technical requirements.

  4. Designed-in cyber security to infuse solutions with organic, unified, and multi-layered solutions to operational and technical requirements.

  5. Enterprise-oriented culture that promotes connectedness, interdependency, and adaptability.